Hair’s How – A Guide to Fashion Hairstyles

By Kathy Amarati

fashion hairstyle

To tell you how to discover the shape of your own face is practically an impossibility, since not only the face but the features within it and the hair around it, the hairline and the neckline, plus necklaces, earrings and makeup, affect the total shape. However, fashion hairstyles are best selected according to how they affect the look of your face.

The best thing I can tell you is that if your eyes are above the center of your head you’re going to need some height on top-about the same amount of height as the distance your eyes are above the center. Example: If your eyes are a quarter of an inch above the center, you should add a quarter of an inch to the height of your hairdo.

To learn something about the shape of your face and the tricks of illusion, you can see what effect three important lines have on the apparent shape of your face. Before you begin, shampoo your hair with egg white. Massage it briskly into a lather, and while it’s still in the lather start manipulating your hair. (Egg white is preferable for this procedure because soap will dry your hair if left on for long periods.)

1. Comb the hair back without a part and see if that makes your face look too long. While it is still without a part, gradually comb the top a bit forward so that it bulges over the forehead, keeping it close to the head at the top sides. Pull the top sides out so they will give you some width.

2. Part your hair in the center and draw it straight down to the sides. Gradually comb the top front backwards. At each step take a look to see what the effect is. Keep the top sides flat. Then make the top sides wide.

3. Part your hair on the side. Try several slants. With each side parting first comb the hair flat and to the side. Then comb it flat and toward the back. Begin giving it a bit of height. Bulge it out over the forehead. Make the top sides flat; then make the top sides wide.

After you have tried these three experiments, you should be able to tell what each of these three does for your face. Some will make it look wide, others, very thin, which will in turn tell you what lines you should use in fashion hairstyles, regardless of whether your hair is long, medium or short.

I do not believe, however, that you should spend much of your time in fretting about such details as the shape of your face. Remember that beauty and charm are composed of many elements and that some of these must come from within. The prettiest face in the world can be spoiled by a disagreeable expression, just as homely features are overlooked if their owner has the charm of being alert and friendly and interested in other people.

With that said, an attractive hairstyle can really enhance your beauty, and having carried out theses three experiments, you should have a better idea about what fashion hairstyles will really suit you.


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