Retro and Vintage Apparel

By Suzie Chandlarvintage apparel

People like vintage and retro clothing for different reasons.  Some people prefer the materials used during a certain era while others prefer the designs and the cut of the clothes.  Finally, some people just like being able to point out to others that the clothing they own is genuine vintage from another era.  There is something kind of cool about just wearing that retro gear.

A lot of people right now are in to wearing fashions from the 1970s and 1980s.  That is par for the course as it seems that fashion often comes back about twenty to thirty years after it was first popular.   The fashions from the seventies include a wide range of looks.  The early seventies were a continuation of the late sixties extreme casual look.  Jeans, granny dresses, hot pants and midi skirts were representative for female fashion.  Males continued the hippie look until the middle to late seventies brought about the switch to the unforgettable disco fashions.  Disco looks included shiny skin tight outfits and loud silk shirts among other fashion fiascos.

When the eighties came along, the disco theme continued, but not everyone followed along.  Trends moved toward a preppy look in the middle of the decade that included Polo shirts with collars turned up and docksider shoes with no socks.  Watching some episodes of Miami Vice or some mid-eighties music videos can give you a feel for what was being worn by people who follow fashion.

Today, when people dress in a retro fashion, the idea is not to copy the look exactly.  Some people do this and end up looking like they are wearing a costume.  The way to make the most of seventies and eighties vintage clothing is to incorporate is into what is popular today.  It is meant to be an accent to your look, not a look in itself.

Dressing with an appreciation for vintage clothing doesn’t have to be limited to the two decades mentioned.  There are some great old clothes out there from even earlier decades.  The 1940s are very popular with some people as a fashion era.  During this time, the United States went through a lot of changes due to the war.  This include clothing fashions.  Because of shortages of material and other basic items, clothing in the forties was much simpler than in the previous decade.  People who appreciate more basic styles might enjoy clothing from this era.

Whether you like vintage clothing or not, it can be interesting to look at from a historical viewpoint.  Clothing and fashion help to tell the story of a different time.  Sometimes we look back and smile, and sometimes we just shake our heads.


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