Chanel Clothing Line

By Jamie Hansonsport chanel

The Chanel fashion house in Paris is quite well known in the fashion world was established by Coco Chanel. In 1909, when Gabrielle Chanel began with her small store in Paris, little did she know that this was a small opening for her tremendous achievement in future and would build a complete new fashion era.

Initially, The Balsan home, the place where she began with a small store, started selling dramatic hats to the French females who came along with their spouses, there she came in contact with Arthur Chapel, who observed the remarkable features in Coco and in 1910, he assisted her in finding a status at 31 Rue Cambon. Coco started with the women’s sports wear range in 1913. Her creations reflected simplicity rather than lavish and wealthy look. A period arrived when her collection included flannel blazers, long jersey sweaters, boat-neck tops, formal linen skirts and skirt-jackets. By 1915, her complete range gained popularity and was well accepted for its simple look throughout France. Formerly, her collection included classy daytime wear with a coat, black dresses for evenings which were slightly decorated with ribbons and laces along with some embroidery by further enhancing its look with fur, feathers and use of metallic fabrics with shades of amber and grey. However she believed in simplicity was the key to true panache. A person who is genuinely simple is more graceful and elegant. Christian Dior and LVMH were Chanel’s biggest competitors in the world of International market. In 1950, when Christian Dior was the major player and had a great share in couture industry, it was at that time when Coco took monetary assistance and business guidance from Pierre and in return had to give away all the rights for the entire product range with trademark ‘Channel’ after which Chanel once again gained popularity and fame in the world of fashion industry.

Now Chanel includes a variety in handbags, cosmetics, couture, perfumes, ready-to-wear and a huge range of luxury goods. Well nobody can ignore the Parisian look in the unique range of fashionable collection of Chanel, which has managed to create an absolutely different fashion entity. Evening bags are the most wonderful and trendiest collection among several other leather goods and are considered to be the hottest choice in the Chanel fashion house.

The ‘Paris Fashion Week’ has created an unforgettable impression on the minds of audience and a huge crowd of latest fashion lovers as it included an amazing range of Chanel designs and marvelous creations. Chanel brand has set a record by ruling over the minds of fashion lovers with its amazing collection for more than decades and a lot more to come. Chanel fashion reveals the Parisian tradition in its modern and smart designs and creations. All the fashion lovers just go crazy over the entire Chanel range for its unique design and styles which is widely appreciated and willingly accepted.

In fact Chanel is the most famous and most popular brand in the whole fashion industry. The women’s designer wear reveals Chanels innovations and creativity, to own a Chanel brand and accessories has become a wild craze among most of the woman today. The famous celebrities often appreciate the Chanel brand and they always fell proud to posses products by Chanel and have one when they are on an outing. Due to the increasing fame and rising demand from all over the fashion market, Chanel products are not sufficient as its most popular collection is in great demand by fashion lovers. As the simple designs have become highly irresistible among the young women who are fashion conscious, the Chanel clothing has become immensely attractive in the world of international fashion market.

Its main focus is on particular designs which are appreciated and well accepted all over by most of the people in the fashion world like animal prints, pine stripe suits and a too much of black color in its creations and designs. The perfumes for women have created an impression to the extent the Chanel bagged away the Perfume Academy International Prize. Chanel clothing suits the normal people and is not well carried by the fashion models as it doesn’t fascinate them. Chanel fashion house has built its brand which is rising tremendously in the fashion market everyday. Chanel fashion clothing and accessories has indeed all set to hit the target audience now and forever.


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