Fashion Design Courses

By Jennifer Baileyfashion design course

The fashion industry is one of the most fast paced industries, offering extensive job opportunities to people who are creative geniuses and have a knack for fashion. The increase in the number of schools offering courses in fashion design is an example of the potential in this field.

The courses in the fashion schools are designed to channelize the talent of the creative students in the right direction so that they can make the best use of the opportunities available. While the main objective of most fashion design schools stays the same, the curriculum may vary from place to place. Fashion design courses are more popular in top fashion destinations around the world such as Paris, New York and London.

Fashion design courses vary, depending on the type of program. These include the associate degree program or the diploma /certificate program. These fashion design programs aim at providing proficiency to the students in different streams of the fashion industry by including different courses. These are creative design, technical design, merchandizing management, and fashion marketing to equip and hone the requisite skills of the students who wish to pursue this lucrative career.

The courses are designed in such a way that the students can combine theoretical concepts with their creative ideas. These are further aligned with technical and business practices in the course.

Creation and presentation of the portfolios and conducting stage fashion shows is an integral part of the course. The courses develop the necessary skill of the students so that they can create a signature style of their own and reap the benefits of the immense potential of the fashion industry. The students are familiarized not only with the designing aspect of the apparel, but also the ways of presenting and marketing it.

Fashion design courses aim at providing the necessary skills to the students and assist them to become proactive to reap the benefit of the fast growing but extremely competitive profession.


Business Management In Fashion Industry

By Jennie Amit Gandhifashion management

Principles of management remain the same for any business entity. As you decide to open your fashion outfit or expand your business it is essential for you to gather your management instincts.

Primarily Finance is the main criterion. Understand the inflow and outflow of funds. Bifurcate cash and check transactions. Arrive at your liquidity ratio. Keep a provision for ad-hoc business surprises. Be sure about loans and EMI. Use tax benefits. Work to lessen overheads.

Manpower management is the toughest scene. Recruit talent and not people, do not undermine but encourage, leave room for lacunas, recognize and then reward. Redressal of grievances is essential. Be a people’s person.

Organize your work. Be it delegation, authority or empowerment. Keep your accounts balanced and healthy. Maintain deadlines. Invest in research activities. Know your competitor well.

Presentation skills are necessary. This is an ongoing process and better not delegated. Client study and spending powers need to determine. Other fashion trends and companies to be located. A complete survey and detailing is essential.

Pricing is the business motive. Work on your demands and supply. Check out per cost of an outfit. Keep overheads low. Work out intangible employee benefits.

Decision making is required each day at different structures. Decide your workshop area and service outlet. Decide on the estate, include your financial adviser and banks. Look before you leap to fashion gimmicks and ever changing designs.

Diversify your current business. Get on to a new client sector. Explore kid apparel industry.

Export your collections. Check avenues for fashion shows. Find a retailer abroad. Reap tax benefits on exports.

Invent new styles. Explore and hone new talents. Pay well to retain talented employees. Learn a new skill yourself.

Motivate your staff. Don’t believe in gradation. Respect all and be a good leader. Make interesting reward programs. Recognize support groups and leave room for ad-hoc manpower contingencies. Be sensitive.

Hair’s How – A Guide to Fashion Hairstyles

By Kathy Amarati

fashion hairstyle

To tell you how to discover the shape of your own face is practically an impossibility, since not only the face but the features within it and the hair around it, the hairline and the neckline, plus necklaces, earrings and makeup, affect the total shape. However, fashion hairstyles are best selected according to how they affect the look of your face.

The best thing I can tell you is that if your eyes are above the center of your head you’re going to need some height on top-about the same amount of height as the distance your eyes are above the center. Example: If your eyes are a quarter of an inch above the center, you should add a quarter of an inch to the height of your hairdo.

To learn something about the shape of your face and the tricks of illusion, you can see what effect three important lines have on the apparent shape of your face. Before you begin, shampoo your hair with egg white. Massage it briskly into a lather, and while it’s still in the lather start manipulating your hair. (Egg white is preferable for this procedure because soap will dry your hair if left on for long periods.)

1. Comb the hair back without a part and see if that makes your face look too long. While it is still without a part, gradually comb the top a bit forward so that it bulges over the forehead, keeping it close to the head at the top sides. Pull the top sides out so they will give you some width.

2. Part your hair in the center and draw it straight down to the sides. Gradually comb the top front backwards. At each step take a look to see what the effect is. Keep the top sides flat. Then make the top sides wide.

3. Part your hair on the side. Try several slants. With each side parting first comb the hair flat and to the side. Then comb it flat and toward the back. Begin giving it a bit of height. Bulge it out over the forehead. Make the top sides flat; then make the top sides wide.

After you have tried these three experiments, you should be able to tell what each of these three does for your face. Some will make it look wide, others, very thin, which will in turn tell you what lines you should use in fashion hairstyles, regardless of whether your hair is long, medium or short.

I do not believe, however, that you should spend much of your time in fretting about such details as the shape of your face. Remember that beauty and charm are composed of many elements and that some of these must come from within. The prettiest face in the world can be spoiled by a disagreeable expression, just as homely features are overlooked if their owner has the charm of being alert and friendly and interested in other people.

With that said, an attractive hairstyle can really enhance your beauty, and having carried out theses three experiments, you should have a better idea about what fashion hairstyles will really suit you.

Cheap Designer Clothes – Enhance Beauty While Saving Money

By Matthew Watsondesigning clothes

Designer clothing, footwear and accessories can make a person look extremely smart and no doubt that every person wants to look smart. Some people are really crazy about new clothes because it is their hobby to buy new clothes and dress up in a very ethnic way. For those who like collecting beautiful designer clothings must go for cheap designer clothes, as this will be really beneficial for them because they can buy good variety of designer clothes without spending big amounts. There are variety of designer clothes that a person can buy that too at reasonable rates. Any item that enhances beauty is precious for a person and this is a reason why cheap designer clothes are well accepted by people.

Designer clothing has its own beauty and they further enhance the beauty of a person. Apart from buying cheap designer clothes a person can even buy cheap designer footwears and accessories to have a complete makeover. There are so many designer showrooms that offer heavy discounts on designer clothings specially during festive time and special occasions. Buying such kinds of clothings, a person can save lot of money and have great variety of clothes as well. Designer perfumes are also available at designer showrooms and a person can buy a perfume that matches best with his/her outfit.

Gifting cheap designer clothing to a person on any special occasion is also a good idea. You can buy designer clothes available at reasonable rates and gift them to special people in your life on special occasions to make these occasions memorable forever.

So, start searching today itself. Browse through the online designer collections as well if you fall short of time, as this will give you an idea about the variety of designer clothes available nowadays. Once you are aware about the latest trends then buy cheap designer clothes without giving a second thought.

A Modern Orange and Blue Wedding

By Bridget Moraorange fashion

The right color palette can do a lot for your wedding. It can give it style and energy, set a tone and establish a strong theme. The trick is to select wedding colors that feel fresh and original. One hot new style is a modern orange and blue wedding.

Orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel, which makes them complementary colors. It is a bold pairing, and each color will make the other pop and appear to be brighter. The result is very aesthetically pleasing, while also being a bit daring. What could be better for your wedding color scheme?

When choosing the particular shades to put together, think about the impression that they give. The orange and blue should also be of a similar intensity. For instance, on a hot summer day, tangerine and aqua blue feel tropical and festive. Peach and robin’s egg blue are soft and feminine for a spring garden wedding. A pure orange and a navy blue are bold and modern, perfect for a confident bride with a contemporary style. Any combination of orange and blue is going to feel updated and fresh.

Once you have narrowed down which shades of orange and blue are best, it is time to start using them. The wedding invitations are always a good place to introduce a color scheme. The peach and robin’s egg blue would be lovely on old-fashioned letterpress invitations. Choose a soft pink paper with a vintage inspired design like a bird or a drawing of flowering branches done in the light blue. The bold orange and navy would look amazing for white invitations accented with a graphic border in a modern damask pattern. Cheerful polka dots would be a great use of summery tangerine and aqua.

Orange is a very versatile color for wedding flowers. From bouquets, to centerpieces, to accent pieces, you will find all sorts of gorgeous orange blossoms to include. Blue, on the other hand, is not a widely available color for flowers, so plan to use it as an accent. Tie up a bouquet of bright orange gerbera daisies with a navy blue and white striped wrap. Or display soft ruffly apricot sweet peas in vintage robin’s egg blue pitchers and footed vases. For a unique take on the tangerine and aqua palette, fill the bottoms of clear vases with bright aqua blue crystals or marbles, then top with festive flowers in shades of tangerine.

The bridesmaids’ attire is another place that you will surely want to use your wedding colors. Tread lightly with orange bridesmaid dresses. They can look absolutely fantastic, or you can end up with a row of (very grumpy!) bridesmaids looking like Halloween pumpkins. Peach is flattering on a range of skin tones, but the bolder oranges shades can be difficult to pull off. They will tend to work best on brides with deeper skin tones. In many cases, pulling the blue into the bridesmaids’ dresses is the best way to go, especially considering that they will be carrying orange bouquets. This will allow the dresses and bouquets to pop against one another. For the bridesmaid jewelry sets, you can either have pieces custom made in crystals in your wedding colors, or choose neutral sets of bridesmaid jewelry. White pearls look nice against the bold orange and navy; simply silver bridesmaid jewelry looks great with the summery aqua and tangerine palette.

Once you have designed your wedding flowers and bridal party attire, you can think about the rest of the wedding. Your blue and orange color palette will look great carried into the table linens, favors, and even into chandeliers. Have fun designing a wedding in blue and orange that is modern, chic, and a true original.

Indian Fashion Industry

By Gaurav DoshiIndian Fashion Industry

Colourful fashion trends of India

With the end of the 20th century came the end of all hype which has created a more practical and pragmatic environment and has given a more stable picture of the fashion business.
In the 50s, 60s and 70s, the Indian fashion scenario wasn’t exactly colorless. It was exciting, stylish and very graceful. There were no designers, models, star or fashion design labels that the country could show off. The value of a garment was judged by its style and fabric and not by who made it.

It was regarded as ever so chic and fashionable to approach any unfamiliar tailor, who could make a garment for a few rupees, providing the perfect fit, finish and style. The high society lady, who wore it, was proud for getting a good bargain and for giving her name to the end result.

In 60s, tight ‘kurtas’, ‘churidars’ and high coiffures were a trend among ladies. It was an era full of naughtiness and celebration in arts and music and cinema, manifested by liberation from restriction and acceptance of new types of materials such as plastic film and coated polyester fabric.

The 70s witnessed an increase in the export of traditional materials outside the country as well as within. Hence, international fashion arrived in India much before the MTV culture with the bold colors, flower prints and bell-bottoms. Synthetics turned trendy and the disco culture affected the fashion scenario.

It was in the early 80s when the first fashion store ‘Ravissant’ opened in Mumbai. At that time garments were retailed for a four-figure price tag. The ’80s was the era of self consciousness and American designers like Calvin Klein became popular. In India too, silhouettes became more masculine and the ‘salwar kameez’ was designed with shoulder pads.

With the evolution of designer stores in Mumbai, the elegant fashion design culture was a trend among Indians along with their heavy price tags. No doubt that a garment with a heavy price tag was at the bottom stage of fashion. But clients immediately transformed into the high fashion fold where they were convinced that that the word ‘elegant fashion design culture’ means, it had to have a higher price tag.

Garments were sold at unbelievable prices only because the designers had decided to get themselves noticed by making showy outfits and getting associated with the right shows, celebrities and events. Continue reading

CAD Fashion Software

By Josh Riversidefashion software

CAD fashion software includes different components such as pattern design, grading, detailing, marker layout, and CAD drafting which are ideal for home based as well as commercial applications. The software uses an innovative approach to pattern design that can be used to create original designs in different shapes and sizes. CAD fashion software users include different entities such as state universities, small specialty colleges, commercial fashion houses, home business operators, and individuals.

The software is designed according to actual apparel design process for designing made-to-measure or ?multiple size accurate grading? in seconds. Users just need to enter the measurement distance between two end points of the apparel design to automatically grade complex design curves.

The software eliminates the need for expensive digitizing table as users can photograph existing paper patterns and covert them into two or three dimensional digital images with the help of the software. It helps in creating accurate apparel patterns and adjusting pattern curves without puckering to manufacture professional looking garments. It allows users to work with different measurement systems such as imperial (inches) or metric (cm or mm) and is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, and SunOS.

Software tools provided with the software allow users to create or modify patters according to individual or client requirements. The software is extensively used in designing patterns used in lingerie, swim wear, sports apparel, casual uniforms, bridal wear, evening dresses, tailored suits, baby clothes, dolls, bags, and furniture. The software has hundreds of pre-designed pattern blocks, which can be used as it is or modified to create new innovative patterns.

The software also contains self paced tutorials developed over many years that enables new users to become proficient in fashion CAD designing in the shortest possible time. Amateur users can also join online fashion CAD design clubs for getting continuous technical support and software updates.